Glitter Bomb Your Groomsmen

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Drew and I pride ourselves on being a couple that doesn't take life too seriously. So when looking for ways to ask his groomsmen to be part of our wedding we wanted to think of something original and funny. After seeing a video prank of a man getting a glitter bomb in the mail, we knew we had to find a way.

When we decided that glitter bombs were going to be the way to go - we did some serious research. Ship Your Enemies Glitter will send cards filled with glitter to your enemies (or in our case your groomsmen). We thought this was a good option, but not good enough. We wanted the groomsmen to be COVERED in glitter. Ruin Days made the spring loaded glitter bombs like we were searching for but at $27.99 x 13 groomsmen, well that was just a little too pricey for us. We went to the drawing board and decided that we could spend a weekend (and less money) making our own spring loaded glitter bombs! I don't think I have ever seen Drew giggle so much while making arts and crafts. Just thinking about each individual person opening the glitter bomb sent him over the edge. 

Needless to say the glitter bombs went out USPS to the 13 groomsmen and slowly we started receiving hate texts, videos, and pictures. Of course these were followed with hilarious laughter and a lot of "yes!" texts to the big question "Will you be my groomsman?". We still hear that people are finding glitter in their carpets, couches, and mailboxes. We couldn't be more pleased. 

I have included our "how to" for making your own spring loaded glitter bombs! If you are a groom like Drew nothing will please you more than sending this tube loaded with glitter to your nearest and dearest. Enjoy! 

1. Glitter (we chose red and white because Go Pack!)
2. Mailing Tubes
3. Duct Tape
4. Replacement Toilet Paper Roller - you want that spring inside (.54 at Home Depot)
5. PVC pipe
6. Cardboard (I used a old box)
7. Hot Glue Gun
8. Wood Discs (can find at any craft store)
9. Saw
10. Scissors

1. Cut long Mailing tubes into 6" tubes. (You may be able to find 12" or even 6" mailing tubes but we were not so lucky.)

2. Cut PVC Pipe. This will be your backer.

3. Use tube to trace cardboard circles. You will need two for each tube. These will attach to both ends of the spring. One will be the base for the spring and one will be the pusher (for the glitter). 

4. Cut out and test cardboard circles. You want the cardboard circle to be an EXACT fit inside the tube. In general, I leaned towards cutting the cardboard circle too big and then trimmed the edges. If the circle is too big it won't fit in the tube, but if the circle is too small it will allow little flecks of glitter to slide down around it. 

5. Bust out your hot glue gun and heat that baby up. 

6. Create your base piece: Hot glue wooden circle to cardboard circle base

7. Hot glue spring ends. One end of the spring glue to wooden circle/cardboard circle base piece. Other end glues to cardboard circle pusher. Next, hot glue PVC to cardboard.

8. Write your message on your top cardboard circle pusher! This will be the message that pops out of the tube for all to see! 

9. Time to load these glitter bombs! Upside down of course ... 

10. Go ahead and tape the tub top. 

11. Load Glitter in! We think 1.5" - 2" inches is enough. 

12. Load your base piece in. (Spring loaded!) It should not be a perfect fit - you should have to push the base piece in at least .5"-1". Shove it down and seal that bottom. 

13. Use duct tape to seal bottom. You want to make sure that no matter what, this end isn't going to come open. 

15. Use clear packing tape to double seal top. Our theory was that you can't over-tape your glitter bomb. Everything is tightly packed and you don't want it busting open before it arrives at it's destination! 

Groomsman Glitter Bomb made it all the way to Amsterdam!


  1. Hey ! Where did you find the springs?

    1. 4. Replacement Toilet Paper Roller - you want that spring inside (.54 at Home Depot)

  2. What is the trigger? What makes the spring shoot up?

    What diameter tube and pipe did you use?

    Also, your link to HD is expired.

    Also, you may want to edit the picture with the addresses for privacy.

  3. Loading it upside down..?? That's where you lost me. (#9) I am doing this for a gender reveal with pink or blue confetti instead of glitter..

  4. You load it upside down so the glitter doesn’t go everywhere. If you put the spring in first how would you keep the glitter in?

  5. I read it again and I got it this time! Lol. Not sure where my head was when I initially asked the question.