A Colorful Bachelorette

Friday, February 20, 2015

When my younger sister got married last year it provided me lots of opportunities to fine tune my newly learned calligraphy skill. I took every chance to hand write things for her including her bachelorette weekend invites. These invites were one of the first things that I made after completing my calligraphy course. I wish I took better pictures ... my OCD is going crazy looking at some of these! Trying to remind myself that this was my first project and I was not a professional ... yet! 

I wanted my sister to have something special and different for her big weekend. I was really pleased with how my first project turned out! Nothing screams "Bachelorette" like bold colors and glitter! Am I right?

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Packed full of Aloha

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

March is right around the corner and we have a lot of visitors from North Carolina coming to stay at La Hotel Hawaii. La Hotel Hawaii is a premiere resort located in the lovely Makiki neighborhood on the island of Oahu. La Hotel Hawaii comes with complimentary breakfast, live in tour guides, and a state of the art blow up mattress located on our living room floor! 

Whether friends are staying at La Hotel Hawaii or visiting outer islands I always receive questions on what to pack. I decided to make a 'what-to-pack' list for all of you Hawaii visitors and included some of my favorite day-to-day Hawaii pieces. 

1. Bathing Suits (obviously)
2. Flip Flops (but in Hawaii they call them slippers)
3. Sunglasses
4. Hat (protect yo face!)
5. Sneakers or hiking shoes (warning: will get muddy!)
6. Small book bag (really useful when full day hiking then beaching then hiking ... yes this happens!)
7. Hiking/ comfy clothes (yoga pants/ shorts/ tank tops)
8. A couple pairs of socks, underwear 
9. Dress/ romper/ long skirts 
10. Jeans/pants and shorts 
11. Cardigan or light jacket (it gets a little chilly at night and in restaurants, etc.)
12. Nice tops to wear out (golf shirts and casual button ups for men!)
13. Sundress or beach cover up
14. Rain Jacket (it rains off and on over the island)
15. Camera, battery, charger, extra memory card (if you are a photo fanatic like I am!)

La Hotel Hawaii provides towels and sunscreen with your stay - but even if you are staying elsewhere, those things can be purchased for a reasonable price around Hawaii. I suggest saving the room (and weight) in your suitcase! 

Below are just a few things that I use on a day to day, weekend to weekend basis. 

Hope this Aloha packing list is helpful! I always end up over packing and begging the person at the counter to let my overweight bag on the plane. What are some of your "must-have" items when traveling?