Sketch your heart out

Saturday, November 15, 2014

If there are two things you need to know about my best friend Amy it's that 1. She is fabulously British and 2.  She loves everything pink, gold, and glittery. When we found out that a pink, gold, velvet, AND chevron tea room was in London we did a mini dance and called to book a reservation IMMEDIATELY! Sketch was all we dreamed of and more. Afternoon tea, scones, and champagne in a room that oozes girly-ness ... Hello I am in love. Just saying "I had afternoon tea and scones" almost sends me into a British frenzy. I am obsessed, I know. We almost broke our cameras taking so many pictures! I am pretty sure .. no definitely sure, we were judged by onlookers on the sheer amount of pictures we took. Oops! Judge away. I HIGHLY recommend that anyone in London visits this amazing tea room - it made for a perfect British Saturday!

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