Toto, we're not in America anymore.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

It wasn't a tornado, but since I picked my home up and threw it over the pond it has been ONE big adventure!  I have spent most of my first weeks in London getting lost and laughing at myself. My arrival went very much like this:

1. Get lost.
2. Have a mini panic attack because you still don't have a place to live.
3. Walk around like a zombie till you find a cell phone store because your life simply CANNOT go on without data!
4. Buy the wrong tube card.
5. Mind the Gap.
6. Take first supermarket trip. Confusing. Leave with chocolates, rice cakes, and mozzarella (really?).
7.  Where can I buy school supplies? #middleschool
8. Look for apartments. Internet search obviously.
9. Decide that McDonalds is familiar and you can get some fries.
10. Get yelled at in McDonalds.
11. Use the wrong card. What's a chip and pin?
12. Answer questions. "Yes, American McDonalds is larger than the UK McDonalds. Yes, I am American. No I don't have a UK credit card."
13. Throw McDonalds away. It was just too stressful.
14. Get lost. Again.
15. Get on the wrong train. Get on a closed train. Get back on the wrong train.
16. Take first bus ride.
17. Find school. Take pictures of Big Ben and the London Eye.
18. Buy the RIGHT tube card.
19. Look for a flat (no longer called apartment).
20. Get off the wrong bus stop. Go buy more chocolates.

Did I mention this was the first 48 hours?

London has been whirlwind! But a great one. I have completed 4 weeks worth of Shillington College and I can't believe how much I have already learned. You really do live, breath, and eat design.

YES I did find a flat! I actually can't believe how lucky I got, it is a great place in the exact location I wanted. My advice to anyone moving to London is attack! attack! attack! The apartment search process is a grueling one, you have you be ready at a moments notice to go view a flat and while you are showering they are probably giving it away (yes that happened). My new flat is located in Clapham (Southwest London) and I really don't think I could describe the neighborhood better than AirBNB does.

I am looking forward to posting more of my adventures this week. I can't believe I have already been here 1 month. Time is flying by in London!